The Day I Expressed Gratefulness

I am thankful for storytelling. Both for telling stories, and being told them. They have literally saved my life for every day for over a year.

I wanted to express a gratefulness for the online community of writers and readers that exists. Without you, my fellows, the world of writing would be a much darker and scarier place, but you guys bring warmth and possibly cookies to it.

A little less serious note, but every bit genuine and truthful, I really appreciate the support, guys. I’ve been working really hard to give this website/blog a presence, and every read or like or comment is truly encouraging of not just this, but everything I’m working for in the writing world. I am enjoying thinking up new content to post, and even though it’s frustrating sometimes (actually paying attention to every tiny character I type before hitting “publish”), it’s a great experience to know that there are people who are creating a conversation with me, somewhere.

I hope I can do the same for many others through these interactions.

Look for new a new “On Writing” post on Friday, at 9 am. Topic is “On Endings (and After)” and discusses my severe emotions towards where books tend to end and where I wish they actually had.

And just a reminder, everything I post is just an opinion. I am merely a lover of stories, and nothing more. I’m not an expert nor a critic. I just like sharing my thoughts on what works for me and what doesn’t, because I think it’s important to think about, share, and be willing to defend your opinions on the things you’re passionate about.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday if you don’t celebrate the hypocritical holiday). Regardless of what you’re doing, please eat some pie for me.

And be safe.

And remember that you are not alone.


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