The Day I Gave Myself More Reasonable Goals

Hi, any and all who may be stumbling upon this here domain!

I’m not sure how you got here, but I hope we’re both glad you did. I’ve been rather inactive (and I’m constantly working to change that).

I think, most recently, my problem was that I over-planned my goals, and overwhelmed myself to the point of complete abandonment.

Now that summer is winding down, though, I think it’ll get a bit easier to spend some time working – not that there is less to do in Chicago in the fall/winter, but everyone else seems to get busier prepping for hibernation.

I’ve got a few projects I’m working on currently that I’m excited about. I am going to give my self some room to stretch and nap (figuratively and literally), so I’m going to set a goal of one post a week, moving forward.

The Gallery of Smiles is a doodle series that is replacing the planned Writer’s Worries. I already do the Gallery of Smiles on post-its and stick them in random places, so I’m going to be featuring both digital art and photos of the smiles when I’m stick ’em somewhere.

VLOGS will eventually begin to show up, but I’m awkward and self-conscious on camera, so every time I make one (and start to post one) I panic, and delete it. I’m going to be posting a VLOG on my experience with Essay Fiesta, hopefully by the end of the week while my memory of the event is still fresh.

I will also of course, be posting a new Writing to Wellness piece soon, along with more short stories and recent works.

All in all, I’m just trying to space out my goals so I won’t be so hard on myself and cry into a vat of tears that I use to boil eggs in.


Anyways, Hobey-Ho, lads and lasses!


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