The Day I Was Excited About Six Months

Hi nerds

I just wanted to share a rather exciting personal milestone: today my boyfriend and I have officially been dating for six months.

Now before you roll your eyes at my apparent descent into honeymoon madness, let me put something out there.

This is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. For the first time in my life, I am with a significant other who doesn’t make me feel inferior, unwanted, or crazy.

For the first time in my life, I feel loved.

Of course, I’m loved by my family and friends, we’re talking romance here, buddies.

He may not be the most romantic person on the planet, but he is the most thoughtful and patient, and in many ways that is more romantic to me than many of the pre-established romantic gestures of the dating world – he may not bring me flowers just because, but he’ll bring me Pepto Bismol when my stomach hurts, or a diet coke when it’s late and I’m tired, or a bar of chocolate when my PMS has turned me into a maniac (as sexist as that last one is, it’s true – I become an angry and sensitive puddle of cravings when I’m about to get my cycle. Not all women do, but I definitely do.).

He also is incredibly supportive of my dream to be a writer full-time. I’ve never had someone offer to guilt-monkey me so much, and while I should accept I cannot because then I’ll end up being irritated and it’ll just spiral down from there.

Anyways, here’s to a small, romantic milestone in my life.

I am so incredibly happy in this moment.


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