The Day I Announced the Anthology

Alright Ladies, Lads, and Lobsters,

I’ve got an announcement!

I’ve already mentioned it on my Facebook Page, and you  may have noticed a new menu in the Projects drop-down, but I’m excited to say I’ve begun wrapping up a project I’ve been working on for a while now.

As of Yet is an anthology of works I’ve done over the years, with a common theme aside from being fantasy: they all leave you with a cliffhanger.

I always enjoyed these sorts of stories, as they allow me a flexibility that my main work doesn’t, and that’s to give bits of a story without having to tie up all of the loose ends, a la some old-time fairy tales and myths.

The works are already complete, having been works I’ve done over several years and have always wanted a medium to share them in, and I’m currently editing them.

The anthology will be self-published via Amazon (my first endeavor into the self-pubbing world!) and available for purchase I’m hoping around Christmas-time, but we shall see!

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the process and likely even post some writer-feedback throughout the process for anyone interested in hearing all of that.

Thanks for tuning in. And now a word from our sponsors!

I have no sponsors.



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