the day I finally finished the scene

I’ve been stuck on a particular scene in my current round of edits for what feels like ages.

After some failed querying, I decided I needed to rework my novel a bit – I think I was in such a rush to finish it that it isn’t at it’s peak glossiness to me.

During the edit, I had the realization that a fight scene with some creatures doesn’t make sense, as the creatures only attack those with malicious intentions trying to enter a certain place. The character are not malicious, and one of them is from said place, so the creatures would have just allowed them to pass without presenting themselves.

After reading a Cracked article (I don’t know why I stopped reading Cracked…I used to love it and get so many ideas from it) I finally determined a transitional scene to make up from the jump from one place to the other.

And I can officially say I did it. I hit all of the events I was supposed to (which I had listed in the document to ensure I didn’t mess it up) and the transition scene is done.

I’m extremely pleased with it and I think it fits more into the world and the place they are venturing to.

Now, I’m just working on normal transitions/editing, and sprucing it up and adding a bit of character development/fun times.


Bonus excitement for the fact that Phillip Pullman announced a new book veering from the His Dark Materials series. This has always been one of my favorite series, keeping me at the edge of my seat and involved, and when I was a wee lass I was obsessed with it.

Second also!

My old AP Literature teacher emailed me over the weekend and I’m surprisingly reassured by his emails. We’re just talking about what I’ve been up to with writing and whatnot, but hearing that such a critical teacher expects a lot from me and is interesting in my path has sort of lit a fire under my ass.

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to mention! I’ll try and work on new posts but we shall see, as always.



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