the day i decided to update things about that e-book i mentioned last year

I haven’t really given any inclinations about the process on the e-book I wanted to self-publish.

Originally, I wanted to create a horror anthology full of new stories, so I could explore and dabble in that genre as I haven’t since I was in high-school. However, the stories were being forced, and were not flowing from my fingers the way I intended.

The second process was creating an anthology of former works, and assembling them together. However, upon rereading the works, there was so much editing and revamping that would have needed to be done that I was discouraged.

I spent a lot of time contemplating what I wanted to do – I knew I still wanted to self-publish an e-book to gain the experience of it but wasn’t sure where to start. I didn’t want to release any works related to The Divine Catalysts because as of now, at least, I still want to work towards traditional publication of that series and know publishing any related works could jeopardize that.

So, I’ve decided to create a short auto-biography stemming off of my On Wellness essays, chronicling my journey with depression and anxiety as best as I can.

I still struggle with this decision, as I am afraid of the dark recesses that I’ll need to explore and share with others – primarily sharing with those I love. While I could refrain from telling my family and friends about it, I feel like it would be a disservice to their constant support of my writing endeavors not to inform them of any milestones I reach.

So, while I’m not officially announcing an On Wellness: As of Yet, I am saying that I’m working towards it.

Thanks for the support, friends.



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