the day I got the!

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, noticed that I added a little “you can send inquiries to contact[at]” over on the side of my site.

That’s right, friends! I finally ponied up (aka figured out how) and set up an email at this domain!

I’ll admit it was very simple and I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out. But I’m extremely excited, and I’m hoping it’s just taking me closer and closer to feeling and being a more professional writer.

Whether querying agents or even self-publishing in the future, I think it can only add to my ability to present myself as the type of writer I have always strived to be. While that does entail releasing works in the meantime, perhaps short stories and the like, I’m taking things step by step and am continuing to be easy on myself in terms of my own expectations while I work on my mental wellness.

If anyone wants some guidance on how to set up an email at your unique domain, feel free to contact me at the above mentioned email and I’ll walk you through it. I used which includes up to 25 emails for free, as well as some office/project functions for communicating with your team (if you have one…I do not).



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