The Day I Resurfaced with a New Job and More Pets!

Holy freaking cow. Can we just not do the thing where I talk about how long it’s been?


A lot has been stirring up in the world I occupy, and while it’s a small world that rarely leaves the six block radius around my house, it’s been a busy one.

Let’s tackle things one at a time, shall we?

I have a new job – in an animal hospital!

That’s right – I’ve mentioned before that I’ve worked in reception positions in human medicine, and while the job I had last I posted was phenomenal, easy, and had amazing pay, I just wasn’t happy. My brain was melting on a daily basis, and while the long bus rides allowed me to power through some books I’d been meaning to get around to, I just couldn’t justify staying in a job position any more where I left work feeling like I was leaving work.

So, in a strange turn of events, I saw that the clinic where I take my pets to was hiring, and I applied! And I got the job?

I mean, I got the job!

I’ve been working at the vet clinic since about August, and while it’s not particularly challenging mentally, it is emotionally. But, the payoff is being able to work with animals and people who care about them – I’m learning a lot about pets that I never knew before.

I used to really doubt my ability to work with animals – particularly, how I would handle dying pets. And while it is really sad and sometimes I find myself on the verge of tears, I mostly feel the great reward of being able to show empathy to clients who feel a need to apologize for crying over the passed furry companion.


I’ll make a detailed account of this, likely in my Writing to Wellness series, but yes, I have three new ferrets. And this just happened in the last week. And it wasn’t all at once. Whoops!

I failed NaNo.

But what did you expect? I never do NaNo and for some reason I thought I wanted to and instead I wrote one chapter and then got back to revising my novel.

Speaking of which…

I’m STILL revising my novel.

Hahahaha. -weeps silently into my tea-

Annnnd that’s all, folks!

For now. My computer is dying because I’m the actual worst.


NOTE: I thought I published this weeks ago…and apparently did not.


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