Briari Hallow (penname) is an aspiring author living in Chicago, IL. Always having had a love for fantasy, she is currently going through a final revision of her young adult high fantasy, The Forgotten Path, the first installation of her The Divine Catalysts series.

Briari has always had a particular fondness for the fantasy genre, although her earliest short stories, written when she was a child, were centered around talking animals doing human things, such as starting a rock band. She went through many “first books” – including the tale of a young girl visiting her grandmother and being sucked in the fairy realm, and a story about girl turned vampire elemental – but didn’t land on her pride and joy, her current and ever-lasting work-in-progress, until she was nearing the end of her seventh grade.

At that time, Neopets was popular, and she became wrapped up in online roleplaying. It is there she discovered her main characters and eventually discovered the world they come from. She has been exploring this new world and trying to tell its story for over ten years.


Briari Hallow has been featured in the Garland Court Review, and in the live-essay events I See Dead People and Essay Fiesta under her legal name.

Briari lives in Chicago, in the Wrigleyville neighborhood, with her partner and their two cats and four ferrets. She works in a veterinary clinic as a receptionist, where she is able to pursue her passion for the care of non-magical creatures.

To contact please email contact@briarihallow.com

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