Briari Hallow is an aspiring author living in Chicago, IL. Always having had a love for fantasy, she is currently going through a final edit of her Young Adult High Fantasy, The Forgotten Path, the first installation of her The Divine Catalysts series. While her primary ambition is to be traditionally published, she’s also doing research into self-publication.

She also dabbles in short stories in the fantasy, horror, and sci-fi genres, as well as poetry at her whim and fancy.

Aside from her love for stories, she enjoys trying her hand at acrylics, manga, and digital art (which is a new medium she recently indulged in).

She lives in her garden studio, affectionately referred to as the Hobbit Hole, with her two cats, Shimbleshanks the ferret, and a betta fish.

Briari Hallow has been featured in the Garland Court Review, and in the live-essay events I See Dead People and Essay Fiesta under her legal name. She also moderates and reviews at Worldsmyths (a haven for fantasy writers).

To contact please email contact@briarihallow.com


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