About Jo

Jo is Jennifer’s most vital supporting character – her Gal Pal. You know the type – the quirky best friend of the Main Character, thrown in to create a little comic relief and make you love the Main of your attention all the more lovable, normal, and easy to connect with. She’s your general oddball BFF, unable to keep a plant alive, dabbling in odd hobbies, always an anecdote at hand. She’s in charge of making sure the Main leads an interesting life, full of chaos, the occasional hiccup, and the sorts of things people make movies about.

But Jo is tired of being just the Gal Pal. She’s tired of the loser boyfriends she gets stuck with, she’s bored of having no agenda of her own, and if her Main misses one of her events one more time because something came up with the Main’s Love Interest, Jo is going to lose her shit.

This is the story of Jo.

The Gal Pal is a mini-series in progress. Look for new episodes (frequency to be determined).

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